Custom Wall Mural | A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for inspiration for your nursery or perhaps custom wall art for your home? Blairfield’s own Ruth shares how she transformed her nursery and how you can too with this easy, DIY project.

Bike Wall Mural

Ruth and Her Husband Demonstrate How to Paint a Bike Mural

Step One:
Decide on Your Design
Decide on a design for your wall. My husband is an avid mountain biker, and we hope to share this passion for biking with our new son. So, we found an image online of the bike he rides to use for a custom stencil.

Do you love sailing? Find a gorgeous image of a sloop. Do you love nature? Gather up some images of trees and birds. You get the idea.

Step Two:
Get a Projector
We had access to one, but I happen to know that Rock N Roll Rentals on South Lamar rents them for $15 a weekend!! Not a bad investment.

Step Three: Project Your Design
Project your image onto your wall of choice. Play around. Having our image “cut off” looked good to us, so we kept it there.
Helpful Tip: We found waiting until the sun went down made the image MUCH easier to see on the wall.

Step Four: Trace Your Image
We used pencil and it worked fine. We were able to erase any mistakes by rubbing with a wet towel. Brave souls are welcome to outline with paint or, better yet, a paint pen.

Step Five: Paint in the Lines
No need for the projector any more. Just grab some paint and some small paint brushes. I do recommend a bright color on a neutral wall or black or white on a colored wall. The contrast helps the image pop.

Step Six: Enjoy!
That’s it! Take a deep breath and enjoy your masterpiece. It’s only paint, so if there are any mistakes or your taste changes over time, it can easily be painted over.

There are few things my newborn son smiles at: me, any ceiling fan and that bike mural are among his favorites.

Good Luck!