Go Tami! Read Her Incredible Yelp Review

Ever had to renovate and sell a home from out of state, only to come in under budget on the renovations and make more on the sale than you thought possible?

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Tami Shneidman’s Renovations at Lost Valley


 Last month, amidst all of the tree trimming and present wrapping and holiday parties, we didn’t get the chance to give a shout out to our own Tami Shneidman, real estate agent extraordinaire, for doing just that for a recent client of Blairfield Realty.

Check out her 12/20/13 5-star rating on Yelp and hear what Josh P. had to say about his real estate experience:

“My wife and I owned a house in South Austin but live in Boston. We decided to sell and Tami jumped at the opportunity to help us. She handled every aspect from the start and made our life a lot easier. 

We told her our budget for getting the house ready for sale and how much we were hoping to sell it for. After doing a thorough walkthrough of our home, we discussed what she thought we needed to do to prepare the home for buyers within our budget range. She then presented us with competing bids from different flooring companies, paint companies, and handymen. She never forced an opinion on what we needed to do. She gave her opinion when asked and made everything relaxed and easy going. She handled every aspect of the renovations. Coordinating with the workers, overseeing what they were doing, and handling any issues that may have come up. We ended up coming in under budget for all the renovations and never had to talk with one company. 

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Tami Shneidman’s Renovations at Lost Valley

When it came time to put the house on the market she suggested to sell it for even more than we thought we could get. She felt comfortable with what we were selling and the neighborhood we were selling in. Within 24 hours of going on the market, we had two offers. 24 hours after that, we were under contract with a buyer. I can now happily say the house has been sold for well over what we thought we could get all while costing less in renovations than we thought. 

I feared selling our house from half way across the country but Tami took all that fear away. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their home. Or buy one for that matter. Thank you Tami.”

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