Neighborhood Profile: Hyde Park

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  • Schools: Lee Elementary, Ridgetop Elementary, Kealing Middle School, Lamar Middle School, McCallum High School
  • Year Homes Built: 1910 – 1950s
  • Style of Homes: Victorian Mansions, Bungalows
  • Average List Price: $522,881 (April 2014)
  • Nearby Restaurants: Hyde Park Bar & Grill, Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, Mother’s Cafe, Dolce Vita, Vino Vino, ASTI
  • Nearby Attractions & Amenities: Hancock Golf Course, Shipe Park, Elisabet Ney Museum


Located just north of The University of Texas at Austin campus is Hyde Park, an eclectic neighborhood that is home to students, university faculty and families alike. According to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, its boundaries stretch north to south from 45th Street to 38th Street, and west to east from Guadalupe to Duval. Its school-age residents attend Lee or Ridgetop Elementary School, Kealing or Lamar Middle School, and McCallum High School.

Hyde Park was established in the 1890s by Texas entrepreneur Morton Martin Shipe, whose intent was to sell Victorian mansions to a growing middle class population; some of these homes are designated as historic landmarks today. In the 1920s and ’30s, smaller bungalows—many of which have since been turned into duplex apartments—were added to serve the working class. Whatever their size, the majority of Hyde Park homes share a common feature: a front porch. Crucial to residents’ comfort in the pre-air conditioning era, these porches still encourage a neighborly feel by enabling people to greet passersby. More recently, small apartment and condo complexes have been added to the neighborhood’s housing mix, partly to serve the university student population.

There are many reasons why Hyde Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Austin. Despite being located in the city’s urban core, it boasts tree-lined streets, a relaxed feel and a strong sense of community. It is home to Hancock Golf Course, the oldest golf course in Texas, as well as some of Austin’s most beloved locally owned businesses. The popular Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, “the present incarnation of Captain Quackenbush’s Intergalactic Dessert Company and Espresso Café,” serves up coffee, sandwiches and desserts. Other options for satisfying one’s caffeine addiction or sweet tooth include Flightpath Coffee House and Dolce Vita.

There are plenty of other dining options in and around Hyde Park, too. Mother’s Cafe has been serving up vegetarian and vegan cuisine since 1980. The original Hyde Park Bar and Grill opened in 1982 and has long been a favorite destination for comfort food, bistro fare, and vegetarian entrees. Vino Vino was voted “Best Wine Bar” in 2013 by Austin Monthly readers. For a great sandwich or bowl of homemade soup, residents can head over to historic Avenue B Grocery and Market, which dates back to 1909. And if they don’t feel like eating out, Fresh Plus, one of the oldest grocery stores in Austin, is always a convenient option.

Because of Hyde Park’s ideal location and abundance of amenities, housing comes with a hefty price tag: over the past six months, the average sale price for homes in the neighborhood was $522,881, or $317.58 per square foot. However, its popularity over the years has not diminished, and prospective homebuyers continue to list the neighborhood as one of their top choices.

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