Neighborhood Profile: Delwood

  • Schools: Maplewood & Blanton Elementary, Kealing & Pearce Middle School, McCallum & Reagan High School
  • Year Homes Built: 1940s-1950s
  • Average List Price: $378,313 (October 2014)
  • Style of Homes: Mid-century
  • Nearby Restaurants: Mueller Trailer Eats, Paco’s Tacos, Xian Sushi & Noodle, El Regio, VertsKebap
  • Nearby Shopping: Delwood Shopping Center, Hancock Plaza Shopping Center
  • Nearby Attractions & Amenities: The Thinkery, H-E-B, Boggy Creek, Mueller Lake Park

The Austin neighborhood known as Delwood is a quaint, tree-lined area that—despite its proximity to downtown, the university and the freeway—manages to retain a quiet, residential feel. Actually comprised of three separate areas that were built in phases within the 10-year period following World War II and referred to as Delwood I, II and III, Delwood boasts well-maintained homes, wide lots, a park-like atmosphere and a strong sense of community.

The original Delwood, or Delwood I, is situated just north of the Cherrywood neighborhood, east of IH35 and south of Airport Boulevard. It is sometimes referred to in the same breath as Wilshire Woods, an adjacent neighborhood with which it shares a park and even a neighborhood association. Delwood II is the area just north of Airport Boulevard and is bordered by the old Mueller Airport to the north and east. Delwood III is situated north of 51st Street and east of Cameron Road, south of Northridge Drive, and just east and west of Berkman.

Residents of Delwood represent Austin’s diverse ethnic, racial and religious groups. Young families, students, mixed households and original homeowners enjoy its easy access to shopping and restaurants (Capital Plaza, Delwood Shopping Center, Hancock Plaza Shopping Center and the Airport Boulevard corridor); recreation (Pharr Tennis Center and nearby 18-hole Morris Williams Golf Course); and open spaces (Boggy Creek and Mueller Lake Park, part of the new Mueller Airport redevelopment).

An advertisement in the 1941 Austin American-Statesman described Delwood I/Wilshire Woods as a “ … neighborhood of wide rambling houses setting far back from the street in the middle of spacious, tree-shaded lawns.” It went on to announce lots for sale in the area for people with a “limited budget and good taste.” Although housing prices in the neighborhood have certainly increased along with Austin real estate in general, they still tend to be more affordable than in many central Austin neighborhoods, especially when one considers Delwood’s fantastic location and amenities.

Homes in Delwood I are charming examples of mid-century modern architecture in Austin. They are typically pier and beam construction with wood frame or limestone siding and a blend of ranch and wood-framed cottage style. Phase II and III homes vary between pier and beam and slab foundations, with Phase III houses tending to be larger than original Delwood homes. People looking for large kitchens, separate dining and living areas and good-sized lots should definitely check out real estate in the area.

Children in Delwood attend Maplewood or Blanton Elementary, Kealing or Pearce Middle School, and McCallum or Reagan High School.

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