Tamara Carlisle Puts Blairfield Property Management to the Test

Logo 2For more than 20 years, Tamara Carlisle, vice president of operations for Blairfield Realty and co-founder of Blair & Carlisle Homes, has owned and rented properties around Austin. Up until recently, she took care of everything from finding renters, writing up contracts, and getting the properties make-ready, to keeping them maintained, dealing with accounting … it was a continual process, and one she often managed for several properties at a time.

Then in 2014, Blairfield Property Management was launched, with the mission of providing clients the benefits of ownership without the daily responsibility. Up until that time, Tamara’s philosophy had been, “In this market, why would I want to pay a percentage of rental income to a property manager when I can do it myself?” Still, she and Blairfield Realty owner, Donna Blair, wanted to be sure that anything that carried the Blairfield name would also uphold the same commitment to quality service and attention to detail that have helped Blairfield Realty earn its solid reputation.

Lisa Holden, Owner of Blairfield Property Management

Lisa Holden, Owner of Blairfield Property Management

Together, Tamara and Donna made the decision to put Blairfield Property Management and Lisa Holden, owner and founder, to the test by hiring Lisa to manage a Barton Hills property they co-own. As Tamara put it, “We wanted to see what it was like to go through the same steps as other owners who use Blairfield Property Management.”

Since that time, Tamara says she has loved letting someone else take care of the legwork for a while. In particular, she has enjoyed the end of late night phone calls and the grind that comes with tenant turnover. She also cannot say enough about the clear accounting statements she receives from Lisa at the end of each month. These help her easily understand her revenues and expenses and are ready to be handed over to her accountant for tax purposes.

Even more importantly, Tamara appreciates all that Lisa Holden, owner and founder of Blairfield Property Management, has brought to the experience. As she puts it, “Lisa takes care of it all. She has a great list of subcontractors and can manage anything from putting on a new roof to overseeing landscaping. Plus, she is full of integrity and professionalism. She always gets the job done right and done well, no matter how big or small. Finally, in the case of our property, there was not a single day of downtime between when the property was make-ready and when the tenants moved in. That’s huge.”

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What’s more, Tamara says, Lisa has a great relationship with the tenants who rent the properties she manages. “Sometimes when a property owner also manages his rental, the tenant has to deal with a landlord who has time constraints such as a full-time job, or an emotional attachment to the property. Lisa is extremely responsive to tenants’ needs, and she always keeps properties in tip-top shape, which for obvious reasons is also good for the owner, as it cuts down on turnover. And if a tenant shows a lack of concern or respect for a rental, Lisa always gets the property back on par.”

Reflecting on her experience with Blairfield Property Management, Tamara says, “I would never go back to managing my own property. Using Blairfield Property Management just makes that much sense.”

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