Neighborhood Profile: Tarrytown

Tarrytown Map

  • Schools: Casis Elementary, O. Henry Middle School, Austin High School
  • Year Homes Built: 1920s – present
  • Average List Price: $1,748,793 (April 2015)
  • Style of Homes: Cottage, Historic, Modern
  • Nearby Restaurants: Food Food, Thundercloud Subs, Hula Hut, Abel’s on the Lake, Mozarts, Magnolia Cafe
  • Nearby Shopping: Tarrytown Center and Casis Village
  • Nearby Attractions & Amenities: Mount Bonnell, Lions Golf Course, Reed Park, Mayfield Nature Preserve, WAYA, Laguna Gloria

With its elegant houses, old shade trees, and peaceful parks, Tarrytown is a gem of a neighborhood that attracts families, professionals, politicians and artists and has been home to such prestigious residents as Matthew McConaughey, Lance Armstrong, and even President George W. Bush; and is the official residence of the chancellor of the University of Texas System.

Located west of downtown, Tarrytown is bordered by West 35th Street to West Enfield from north to south, and Lake Austin to MoPac Expressway from west to east. It features large, historic properties, newer mansions – some amazing lake views – as well as smaller 1920s cottages and apartments.

While there is a relatively small number of shops and restaurants within Tarrytown’s borders, it does have two small shopping centers, Tarrytown Center and Casis Village, which feature local businesses, and is just a short trip away from Lake Austin’s popular Oyster Landing and its waterfront shops and restaurants. It also offers plenty of options for those who enjoy the outdoors, form Mayfield Nature Preserve to Lions Golf Course, Reed Park (and swimming pool) and nearby Mount Bonnell. Add that to its easy lake access and proximity to campus and downtown, couples with its clean, quiet and friendly vibe, and it’s no wonder that Tarrytown is one of the most highly sought after areas in Austin.

As you might imagine, Tarrytown real estate is pricey. The average price for a single family is $1,748,793, so the neighborhood tends to be populated by Austin’s more affluent residents. And for those people who are looking for a shorter term living situation, you can also find some high-end apartment complexes and condominiums in the area.

Tarrytown students attend Casis Elementary, O. Henry Middle School, and Austin High.

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