Stage and sell a house in 10 days? Yes we can!


Stefan & Mo Pharis, Barton Hills Residents

Long-time Barton Hills residents Mo and Stefan Pharis were just two days away from a meeting to discuss the major remodel they were ready to begin on their home. The architectural plans had been drawn, and they were eager to move forward with the project. But things took an abrupt turn when Mo saw Blairfield Realty’s Donna Blair and Tamara Carlisle outside a house in the neighborhood that she had always admired from afar. “I’d always had my eye on it, even before it was renovated a few years ago,” said Mo. “So I asked Tamara about it, just out of curiosity.”

It turns out that the house would be going on the market soon. In short order, Mo and Stefan sat down with Donna and Tamara to run some numbers, and they determined that with the home equity loan they planned to take out for the remodel, their mortgage would be roughly the same whenever they stayed in their existing home or purchased the new one. Things went quickly from there.

“From that day, we had one week to get our house ready,” Mo explained. “And since we had been planning the remodel, we hadn’t been doing much upkeep on it: the gardens were a mess, it needed new paint, that kind of thing.”

To make matters worse, Mo and Stefan needed to be in Dallas the following week for work, and Stefan’s mom was in town tending to the kids when she broke her ankle. “Tam got the house prepped, took care of the necessary repairs, and even took care of my mother-in-law,” she said. “There aren’t too many people who would do that for you…it was very special, very unique to them.”

Only 10 days passed from Mo and Stefan’s initial sit-down with Donna and Tamara to the day they sold their house with the help of Blairfield Realty, and they couldn’t be more pleased with how everything turned out. “Everybody’s happy in our new home. My kids were hesitant to leave the house where they grew up, but Donna and Tamara helped them through that emotional transition.”

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