Water and Energy Conservation Tips

Summer utility bills in Austin can be as brutal as the recent heat wave. Between cooling your home, filling up your pool and trying to keep your grass and trees alive during this hot, dry period, you’ve no doubt seen increases in your Austin Energy bill during the past few months. Be sure to educate yourself on the City’s various rebates and incentives designed to decrease energy and water usage; these upgrades will help you save money and conserve precious resources. 

Water conservation

Water conservation incentives include:

  • Rebates for making improvements to your existing irrigation system to increase water efficiency
  • Rebates for pressure regulating valves (PRV) and watering timers
  • Pool cover rebates for new, properly fitting pool covers or solar rings
  • Rebates for landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation, as well as installing landscape features like berms, terraces, swales, rain gardens, porous pavement and infiltration trenches that direct and retain rainwater
  • Rainwater harvesting rebates
  • Free showerheads and faucet aerators

For more information on the application and evaluation process, as well as details about the various rebates and free stuff, visit the Water Conservation – Rebates page for Austin Water. And for water conservation tips, check out Water Conversation for Residents. Finally, remember that Austin Water is currently in Stage 2 water restrictions. To see the watering schedule for your address, visit the Watering Restrictions page.

Energy conservation

You can earn rebates and lower your Austin Energy bill when you install:

  • Qualified energy-efficient air conditioning systems, new A/C window units and ground source heat pumps
  • Solar water heaters and solar roofs
  • Qualified high-efficiency heat pump water heaters and variable speed pool pumps
  • Austin-approved, Internet-connected thermostats that you enroll in the Power Partner program

You can even get cash back and free pickup when you recycle a qualifying refrigerator or freezer with Austin Energy.

Learn more about all of these offerings on the PowerSaver™ Residential Offerings page.

Blairfield Realty hopes you’re staying cool out there!

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