Austin’s Changing Skyline

If you’ve lived in Austin for any period of time, no doubt you’ve heard  (or said yourself) how much Austin has changed over the years.  And it has. According to a May article in the Texas Tribune, Austin is the nation’s fastest growing big city, with a whopping 15.49% growth rate between 2010 and 2014.

You don’t have to look closely to see how that huge growth is changing the face of Austin. As recently as 1974, the state Capitol was the tallest structure in the city; now it ranks #19 on the list, and nine of the current tallest 18 buildings have been built since 2008. Photos in the Austin American-Statesman and the Austin Business Journal really drive the point home. Check out the dramatic before and after shots of downtown, most of which were taken within the past 10 years!

It doesn’t look like the transformation is slowing much, either: plans have been laid out for a new 685-foot, 58-story condominium tower dubbed the Independent. Located at West Third Street Street and West Avenue, it will resemble a “white, Jenga-like tower” and will be Austin’s tallest building when it is completed.

With more than two dozen high-rises proposed for construction in the coming years, Austinites can count on even more change ahead. Stay tuned for updates!

Photo credit: Taylor Johnson, Christopher Thibert / American-Statesman

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