Time for Fall Planting!

As we at Blairfield Realty tell many of our clients, curb appeal is important, so keeping your outdoor space looking good is not only a great way to enjoy the fresh air – it can also can increase the value of your home. With the cooler weather and the first frost in Austin generally happening around November 15, now’s a great time to get outside and clean up those beds, start a vegetable, herb garden, or flower garden, and prepare your outdoor space for the winter months.

October and November are good months to plant a variety of vegetable seeds (beets, carrots, and leafy greens), plants (more leafy greens, broccoli, turnips, and cauliflower), herbs (such as cilantro, dill, parsley), and strawberries. If you’re looking to start a vegetable or herb garden, check out the handy calendar put together by Austin Organic Gardeners, which lists vegetables and herbs in alphabetical order and tells you the best time to plant them. 

Also take advantage of the nice temps to plant ground covers and borders and get in your flower and ornamental seeds, plants, and bulbs. October is a particularly ideal month to plant wildflower seeds. For a complete To Do of what you should plant, weed, fertilize, and generally do to keep your garden lawn, and beds in top shape, organized by month, check out the Natural Gardener.

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