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We recently sat down with Rebecca Clayton Loehr of Nest Modern to talk about a popular topic here at Blairfield Realty: design! If you’re not familiar with Nest Modern, which recently relocated from its original location on West 6th Street to its new home at 2603 South Congress, you need to be: it’s one of our favorite spots to buy home furnishings and get inspired. In fact, we love their aesthetic so much that we ask them to help us stage many of the homes we sell, including our newly listed, newly updated mid-century ranch at 2403 Forest Bend in Barton Hills.

Why do the home furnishings at Nest Modern work so well? We think it’s because the store’s collection has a modern feel with clean lines, yet it’s soft, family-friendly, and inviting—which is the same feeling we’re trying to achieve when we update a home. As Rebecca explained, “People used to think of modern furniture as being cold. Today’s modern furniture is inviting and cozy. We try to create spaces where you want to relax—spaces that are meant to be lived in, not just seen.”

When asked what’s on the horizon for 2016, she said that she’s been continuing to gravitate toward rich fabrics and shades of green. “Today’s colors have depth and saturation,” she said—a perfect complement to the cozy, luxurious feeling she tries to help people create in their living spaces.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Nest Modern’s beautiful new showroom, you’re just in time to check it out AND take advantage of the semi-annual sale, where you can get 20% off the entire store beginning December 26. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be in the know about open houses scheduled at our new Forest Bend listing as well as other great properties on the market.

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