Holiday Films at Blue Starlite Drive-In

What better way to get into the holiday spirit and take a break from the hustle bustle of the season than by seeing a classic holiday film? With December blockbusters hoping to lure big crowds or potential Oscar contenders trying to beat the January 1 release deadline, local theaters will be buzzing. But if you’re looking for a different movie experience, the folks at Blairfield Realty suggest that you indulge in a little nostalgia and head to your local drive-in.

What? You thought drive-ins had disappeared in the vapor of yesteryear? Or maybe you’re young enough to not remember ever watching a movie in the intimate atmosphere of your very own car. Well, the Blue Starlite Drive-In brings back the fun of drive-in movies, but in a smaller boutique, indie cinema atmosphere.


Located at 1901 E. 51 Street, on the north side of the Mueller Development, the Blue Starlite offers 50 spots for cars while also accommodating walk-ins and cyclists. Admission is $5 per person for walk-ins, plus $15 for a car spot (and as many people as you can fit in the car!) if you’re driving in. You can also rent out the entire facility for your own private screening.

The gates open one hour before the first movie, and 30 minutes before showtime for the second feature of the night. You can also make advance reservations and should plan 30 minutes prior to showtime for those. Placement of cars is based on car size, with big ones in the back. You can also camp out in the flatbed of your pickup truck. If a show isn’t too crowded or sold out, you might even be able to back in and open up your hatchback.

For concessions, Blue Starlite offers classic drive-in movie snacks and treats, although you can also bring in your food and drinks, including those of the adult variety (just be responsible, obviously). All films are screened in Hi-Def Digital projection on a 25 by 14 foot screen.

The Blue Starlite concentrates on indie films, art house, cult, Gen X/Y, childhood favorites, and drive-in classics. You can buy a double-feature ticket if there are two movies scheduled. And in conjunction with the holidays, the Blue Starlite is screening such holiday favorites as Home Alone, Elf and Gremlins through December 26. Check out the Blue Starlite website for details.

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