10 Tips for Getting Your Home (and Your Outlook) Ready for Spring

Linework Honeycomb Vase – West Elm
Stepped Geo Woven Curtain Platinum – West Elm
Round Pintuck Pillow – Urban Outfitters
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Lucite Giraffe – Jonathan Adler
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DIY Plant Stand – A Beautiful Mess


Spring has officially sprung in Austin! The grass is green, the sun is shining, the lakes are full, and the temperatures are ideal. The season often brings a sense of renewal and energy, so why not take advantage of that momentum by freshening up your home? Here are some easy tips to get you started.

1. Open your windows and let in the fresh air! It won’t be long before air conditioning is a necessity, so enjoy the springtime weather while you can. While you’re at it, create a simple air freshener by simmering orange rinds or lemon slices and rosemary in a pot of water.

2. Add some colorful accessories to your home – pillows, bowls, a new vase – to add some springtime cheer.

3. Let the sun shine. Are your windows dirty? Now would be a good time to give them a scrubbing. Try a simple mixture of two parts water to one part white distilled vinegar. Launder your curtains. And if they’re dark, considering replacing them with something lighter and airier.

4. Take a cue from nature. The flowers and trees are in bloom. Head down to your local garden store and buy a few new plants to evoke the season indoors as well as in your garden. Start an herb garden on your windowsill. Plant succulents in distinctive containers to add a pop of green throughout your home.

5. Switch out heavy blanket for light throws.

6. Pare down and declutter – old papers, your wardrobe, those 25 magazines you’ve been meaning to read since 2014.

7. Rotate your art, focusing on hanging your brighter pieces in your home’s focal areas.

8. Change the linens on your bed. Replace your heavy comforter with a lightweight and colorful blanket for the warmer months ahead.

9. Swap out higher-wattage lightbulbs for ones that cast a softer light. Your lighting doesn’t need to be as bright this time of year.

10. Do a top-to-bottom spring cleaning. It may not be the most fun item on the list, but it will leave you feeling productive and ready to relax and enjoy the long, lazy summer days ahead.

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