Want to Buy a House? Great Loan Options Are Available!

Check out this latest entry from Ruth below!

We love our lenders! The following lenders have some great programs that you are just not going to get from a big box bank. They work directly with you and service is fast, personal and above and beyond.

A few loans that we are really excited about are:

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Do you dream of being an investor? Would you love to remodel a home to your taste? This loan allows you to borrow not only for the fixer upper you’re interested in, but also the cost of renovations! No more needing a separate construction loan and two closings.

Contact Randy Atkinson at Movement Mortgage for more information on this loan.
512.422.8920   |   randy@randyatkinson.com   |   www.movement.com/randy.atkinson

Ruth - Lender Mailchimp Photo Graphics - Bridge Loan

We all know that it’s VERY hard to be competitive buying a home in this seller’s market, when you have to sell your home first. At best you can offer to buy on a contingency, but that may not be the best offer on the table and forces you to sell quickly. This amazing loan makes it possible to borrow based on the price range you are looking for. You can move into your new home and take your time staging and selling your old home. No pressure! And with Blairfield, you receive complimentary staging on your vacant home.

Contact Lea Holubec at BancorpSouth for more information on this loan.
512.422.7059   |   lea.holubec@bxs.com   |   www.bancorpsouth.com/mortgage/lenders/lea-holubec

Ruth - Lender Mailchimp Photo Graphics Simply Refinancing

Was it a long time ago that you purchased your home? Have you been paying down the principal and owe a lot less now? It might be time to refinance. Refinancing starts your loan over, but for a much lower amount and probably at a much lower rate! Definitely something to think about.

Contact Dawn Skinner to learn more about refinancing your home.
512.231.9500   |   dskinner@famctx.com   |   www.famctx.com/officers-detail.aspx?LONum=3

Ruth - Lender Mailchimp Photo Graphics Dawn Skinner

Don’t know where to start? Just call Dawn Skinner. She is the most hands on lender you will ever work with. We cannot say enough good things about her attention to detail and thoughtfulness. Ruth Johnson’s client Julia (pictured above) was able to get a loan with 3.25% interest rate. That’s the lowest rate we’ve ever seen! Can she do that for you? Give her a call!

Contact Dawn Skinner at First American Mortgage to get pre-qualified for a loan.
512.231.9500   |   dskinner@famctx.com   |   www.famctx.com/officers-detail.aspx?LONum=3