Bathroom Renovation Tips + Trends


Today’s homeowners want the latest and greatest for their homes, so it’s no wonder that so many people seem like they’re in constant home renovations. Remodeling helps keep a house comfortable and enjoyable and improves its resale value.

After kitchens, the most popular rooms in houses to renovate are bathrooms. From cosmetic changes to replacing essential household plumbing, homeowners take on a wide range of projects to upgrade their bathing and grooming spaces.

The recently released Bathroom Trends Study, led by Houzz — a popular website devoted to design, architecture and remodeling — reveals some interesting trends about how homeowners are choosing to renovate their bathrooms. The study surveyed more than 2,100 Houzz users about their recently completed or upcoming projects.

The prevailing motivation behind bathroom remodeling is that people are driven to redo these spaces by the need to upgrade style and comforts more than the need to address repairs. In fact, nearly half of the survey’s respondents said that they dove into the remodel because they couldn’t stand their old bathroom. And with some 60% of them spending 30 to 60 minutes daily in the bathroom, that rationale makes sense.

Nearly all projects involve some level of upgrade, whether it is fixtures, mirrors or cabinets, though tile still leads the way for flooring choices. Other survey findings include:

  • People are using bathtubs less and less, and instead of those big, deep tubs, they’re opting for features like rainfall or dual showerheads, not to mention mood lighting and sound system integration.
  • Nearly all shower projects involve either keeping the shower the same size or increasing the size of the stall. On the contrary, tubs are losing popularity, even being removed to add more shower space.
  • High-tech features such as self-cleaning, heated seats and hands-free flushing are part of 20% of the toilets in today’s bathroom remodels.

So how much should an aspiring remodeler plan to spend to realize their dream bathroom? The general range of a master bath renovation is $10 – $25K, with higher-end efforts edging towards $50K.

For all the survey details, click here: How People Upgrade Their Main Bathrooms, and How Much They Spend.

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