One of Bon Appétit’s 2017 Top 10 Best New Restaurants in America is Right Here in Austin

If you think you have to hop on a plane and spend big bucks to dine at any of the restaurants that made Bon Appétit’s Best New Restaurants in America list in 2017, think again. The list includes a restaurant that’s just a couple miles east of downtown, and the most expensive dish on the menu is $13.

The restaurant, Kemuri Tatsu-ya, combines an izakaya (think Japanese pub) with a Texas BBQ restaurant. And judging from the press it’s received since its January 2017 opening, it manages to do so brilliantly.

That’s really no surprise, given the fact that Kemuri Tatsu-ya has chefs Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto at the helm. They’re the duo behind from Ramen Tatsu-ya, and just as they did at that restaurant, they’ve managed to bring a new and fearless twist to the food they’re serving up—this time, Japanese-meets-BBQ.

Texas Ramen, Photo Courtesy of

Take Kemuri Tatsu-ya’s signature brisket-filled Texas ramen, for example. Or how about hot pocketz,” a sandwich with friend tofu slices, gouda, and brisket? Then there’s the smoked meat and fish—duck breast, mackerel, eel, and more—not to mention the roasted banana pudding and yuzu pecan pie. And we haven’t even touched on the drink menu, which features inventive cocktails like the Matcha Pain Killer, plus sake and Japanese whiskey, to name a few of the selections.

Forget about that New Year’s resolution. Your diet can wait.

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