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No Shortage of Ride-Sharing Options in Austin

May 2016 saw Uber and Lyft voluntarily leave Austin after voters voiced their support for stricter regulations for ride-sharing companies by opposing Proposition 1. Prop 1, which... Read more

COTA Open Tuesdays for Cyclists

The thrill of circling the COTA track at 200+ MPH? Well, not quite, but this still sounds like a lot of fun If you’re a cyclist who’s looking for something new and... Read more

Space-Saving Tips for Small Laundry Rooms

Small space, big ideas If you happen to live in one of the 1970s, ranch-style homes that are seemingly ubiquitous around Austin, you probably know that closet... Read more

Solar Incentives

New incentives offer even more reasons to go solar You may be fielding more phone calls and door-to-door visits lately from companies telling you that now is a great time to think... Read more

Austin’s New Transportation Bond

Proposition 1: The next step to addressing Austin’s traffic woes? Even though the presidential election has dominated recent political headlines, there is plenty more at stake... Read more

Bathroom Renovation Tips + Trends

Today’s homeowners want the latest and greatest for their homes, so it’s no wonder that so many people seem like they’re in constant home renovations. Remodeling helps keep a... Read more