Kenneth Huerta, Staging Expert & Real Estate Assistant

Mobile: 512-815-6424
Office: 512-912-1910

Kenneth Huerta joined the Blairfield team in 2016 as a staging expert and currently works for Blairfield Realty both in that capacity and as an assistant to real estate agent Sarah Schoenfelder. A soon-to-be agent himself, he looks forward to applying the practical knowledge and industry experience he’s gaining in those roles when he earns his license later this year.

Kenneth is an El Paso transplant and has lived in Austin for several years. Whether as a vocal performer or in the various jobs he’s held in advertising and retail, including building a small design business, Kenneth enjoys nourishing his creative side. He has a great eye for design, plus an understanding of what’s possible and a good sense of space attained from having several family members in the construction business. He loves to share his perspectives on what could be, helping clients see the potential in a new home — particularly if it needs updating or renovation.

When he’s not busy transforming living spaces around town, Kenneth enjoys running, playing soccer, gardening and enjoying everything our great city has to offer.

Areas of Expertise

• Staging Expert
• Make-Ready Specialist
• South Austin Resident